Residential development


Affordable Luxury

Affordable luxury is about achieving quality, tailored to people's taste, at a price they can afford. We believe that affordable does not mean cheap and ugly. We take pride in our work and have  a sense of style while making sure we answer the needs of our target audience within the workforce housing world such as first responders, nurses, school teachers, administrative personnel and many others who want a quality place to call home. Using creative solutions in using new green products or lowering the overall occupancy costs of a home is all part of the solution wrapped in elegance.


New Urbanism Influence

Learning from the successful old urban communities and adapting them to todays ever changing world and lifestyles while answering the need for affordable housing is our priority. Affordable does not mean inexpensive, we believe it means great value to fit someone's budget. We create communities with products ranging from Micro apartments and homes to single family multi generational housing and everything in between. All this while  creating a safe environment and a sense of place for the residents. 


For Sale or For Rent

As people focus more on lifestyle and live, work, play environments, housing sizes needs have deceased and adapted to peoples wants to lower costs and to provide shared services  such as home office, gyms, gardening and entertainment. Creating products in an urban environment that answers these needs and wants will be a focal point of our for sale and for rent product line using micro apartments and homes.

Single family Products

Single Family Products

Key West Series

Home add-on and In-law suites