Public Private Partnerships (P3)


Capital Group P3 Developments

Place Making Mixed Use Developments  

As people are increasingly turning to technology for their daily transactions, we are mandating designers to harness the principles of smart placemaking to shape mixed-use environments that offer more meaningful experiences. We're talking about the plazas, courtyards, passageways, sidewalks, and parks — the in-between spaces that serve as the connective fabric weaving together the threads of a city and its people. These spaces or voids may be the most difficult to quantify, but they matter the most, because that’s where people gather and experience community. To us, these spaces are where a city’s soul lives and where social interactions reside. This is place making for us, a live, work and play environment bringing cities to life, making them a destination.


Capital Group P3 Developments

Joint Venture Partnership Development

Over the past 35 years in the real estate development business, we have evolved to better understand what is needed and how to get it done. Having developed a unique and creative approach to Pubic Private Partnerships, we believe the future of P3 projects is bright. Through vision, strategy, talent and execution,  we believe being selective and focused makes us target and participate in projects we believe in and that can positively impact a community. We specialize in creating large scale project joint ventures, assembling the ultimate dream team for a specific task. Matching the most effective resources to the best talent available in order to  obtain great financial results and award winning outcomes for our Principals and Project Partners . 


Capital Group P3 Developments

Third Party Services 

Sometime the solution needed to address a project is to take a step back and bring in a fresh vision. Acting like the conductor of an orchestra,  finetuning everyone's role and performance to create an optimum environment  that can generate fabulous results. We can lead or fill in the role needed or missing within a team to achieve the overall goal.

Special and unique P3 tools we offer


Government Facility Development Program Build-To-Suit Solutions


We understand both the political and financial costs and constraints whether perceived or real challenges a government entity can face when time comes to build a new City Hall, Police Station, Fire Station, parking deck or other much needed facility. Though our team members, we have created alliances enabling us to offer: 

  • · Full plans and development package with no upfront cost to the government entity.
  • · Guaranteed Bond to complete the project.
  • · 100% financing of the project at same tax-exempt rate the City can borrow.
  • · A below market lease at a fixed flat rate for 30 years with no rent increases.
  • · A $1 buyback of the property at the end of the 20 to 30-year lease depending on city size and credit rating.
  • · No cost overrun exposure.
  • · No construction risks.


Accelerated Economic Development Program *

When planning  the revitalization of a city, many times it's more than just government facilities, it's the need to attract new residents, employers and improve the desirability of a city. One of the most important is to attract employers to move to a city. This task can be daunting at times when competing with so many alternatives for these companies to pick from. Creating mixed use, live, work and play environments makes the city more desirable to potential residents, especially millennials and the employers desperately seeking them. Using our 10 year Accelerated Economic Development Program, which is a collaboration between public entities and our team makes it possible to offer office and retail  users  state of the art buildings at +/-25% below market rate enabling the cities to attract targeted companies to move to their city for all the obvious reasons and insure all the additional income and value associated with it for the city This program  has virtually no long term costs to the city with a clear exit  strategy. Let us  show you how.                                                *Subject to change without notice





Getting buildings to full occupancy and keeping then full is of the upmost importance for economic viability and stability of a community. Having been in one of the most difficult office markets in the USA for years in terms of vacancy rates, it forced us to get creative and find real solutions to keep our buildings with very low vacancy rates. We realized the solution was hiding in plain sight and had been done for decades usually for very large corporations. We realized that you have to give before you get, and to this point we modified a well-known confrontational approach and adapted it to a user friendly non-confrontational approach to help all users big and small save up to 30% of their net effective rent costs. Just imagine how much companies could have gained or done with this important saving had this incredible tool been simplified and available to them over decades of occupancy. It’s never too late to improve a situation. We have created and used "LeaseOwnership" for residential, retail, office and industrial use. A tool designed to save tenants up to 30% of the net effective rent costs*. Let us show you how. *Subject to terms and conditions.


Neighborhood Development & Stabilization Program

This very effective program is directly linked to our strategic Partners in providing the ability to offer original land owners or property owners in a P3 development many options to maximize the value of their property into a win win situation. It is also a great tool to keep the existing businesses who would like to stay in and around the development to be integrated in the new P3 project. It can also provide relocation solutions for residents who really would like to stay in the neighborhood. This tool ultimately  can maximise the value for the original owners, help defer taxes and even enable them become an owner of a publicly traded affiliated REIT.