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As people are increasingly turning to technology for their daily transactions, we are mandating designers to harness the principles of smart placemaking to shape mixed-use environments that offer more meaningful experiences. We're talking about the plazas, courtyards, passageways, sidewalks, and parks — the in-between spaces that serve as the connective fabric weaving together the threads of a city and its people. These spaces or voids may be the most difficult to quantify, but they matter the most, because that’s where people gather and experience community. To us, these spaces are where a city’s soul lives and where social interactions reside. This is place making for us, a live, work and play environment bringing cities to life, making them a destination.


Capital Group P3 Developments

Joint Venture Partnership Development

Over the past 35 years in the real estate development business, we have evolved to better understand what is needed and how to get it done. Having developed a unique and creative approach to Pubic Private Partnerships, we believe the future of P3 projects is bright. Through vision, strategy, talent and execution,  we believe being selective and focused makes us target and participate in projects we believe in and that can positively impact a community. We specialize in creating large scale project joint ventures, assembling the ultimate dream team for a specific task. Matching the most effective resources to the best talent available in order to  obtain great financial results and award winning outcomes for our Principals and Project Partners . 


Capital Group P3 Developments

Third Party Services 

Sometime the solution needed to address a project is to take a step back and bring in a fresh vision. Acting like the conductor of an orchestra,  finetuning everyone's role and performance to create an optimum environment  that can generate fabulous results. We can lead or fill in the role needed or missing within a team to achieve the overall goal.

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Bob Sonnenblick, Chairman of Sonnenblick Development LLC a Los Angeles Based leading developer specialized in government tenanted build-to-suit projects selects Boca Raton partner to develop the Florida market and projects $400MM in investments to start solving government’s needs for municipal buildings at affordable rates though a simple, low cost, no risk solution for cities.


Sonnenblick Development Announces Joint Venture with Capital Group P3 Developments



The Company Selected is Capital Group P3 Developments headed by Mario Caprini, the new venture; Sonnenblick Capital Group Florida, will be pursuing multiple governmental projects in Florida this year.

 “We’re very excited to now have a permanent presence with our new local Florida Associate as well as the opening of our new offices in Miami.”

Robert Sonnenblick


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Robert Sonnenblick Chairman

The Los Angeles-based real estate development firm,

Sonnenblick Development LLC, is a highly recognized

developer of office facilities for state, county and municipal

public agencies throughout the nation. In addition, the firm has

developed Major Retail, Residential and Hotel Resort projects.

For governmental/public agencies, their goal has always been

to provide high quality, state of the art facilities at long-term,

flat rental rates that are often significantly below prevailing

market rates. To accomplish this, they have developed unique

and innovative lease and financing structures.

Mr. Robert Sonnenblick, Principal of Sonnenblick

Development, LLC, is a graduate of the Wharton

School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania

with more than 30 years of experience in various

aspects of real estate development and real

estate finance. From 1981 to 1991 Mr. Sonnenblick

was the driving force and power behind

Sonnenblick-Goldman Corporation of California.

Mr. Sonnenblick completed over $1.5 Billion of

commercial real estate transactions on the West

Coast, and as a result is regarded as one of the West Coast’s leaders in the field of commercial

real estate finance. Among the more notable projects for which Mr. Sonnenblick personally

structured the financing for are The Beaudry Center, Los Angeles, California ($197 million), the

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pasadena, California ($97 million), One Waterfront Plaza, Honolulu, Hawaii

($100 million), and the Los Angeles World Trade Center, Los Angeles, California ($55 million).

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Providing Government-Tenanted Build-to-Suit Solutions


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Office, Retail, Government and Hotel Projects


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Government –Tenanted

Build-to-Suit Projects


Mixed-Use Developments in Florida


Sonnenblick Development is Synonym with Financial Strength and Experience

Having financed billions in projects over the years and developed financial tools that provide governments with viable solutions, we encourage you to book an appointment with us to discuss your needs and wants.